• Enabled: Yes / No - enable / disable this social network
  • URL: provide the URL to your Pinterest page

Pin It Settings

  • Button Size: Small / Large - set the size of the Pin It button
  • Counter: decide on the position of your Pin It button's counter. Choose Hide to not show it at all. The images below show the Large versions of the Pin It buttons

    • Pinterest large hide

      Hide: hides the counter, only displaying the Share button

    • Pinterest large horizontal

      Horizontal: places the counter to the right side of the Share button

    • Pinterest large vertical

      Vertical: places the counter on top of the Share button

  • Static Image: Yes / No - display a static image or not
  • Image URL: Provide the URL to the image
  • Static Description: Yes / No - display a static description or not
  • Description: Provide the description

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