RSSeo! doesn't save metadata

Check your server connectivity

You can check your server connectivity by going to the RSSeo! Control panel and click on the "Check connectivity" button.

Please note that in order to run RSSeo! properly on your server you must have one of the following functions enabled: cURL , fsockopen , fopen , file_get_contents.

You have sh404SEF installed

If you have sh404SEF installed on your system and have the "Anti-flood" protection set to "Yes" please disable it. You should also disable meta data management: Components > sh404SEF > Configuration > Meta/SEO

You have cache enabled

It is best to clean out the cache and disable it temporarily when performing meta data modifications. To disable the cache, just go Site > Global configuration > System and disable the System Cache plugin: Extensions > Plugin Manager > System cache . After you have finished the meta data management you can enable the cache options.

Your template does not load the meta data from Joomla!

Make sure that the index.php file of your template contains the code line:

<jdoc:include type="head" />

which is necessary to load the meta data set in Joomla! or in the components from your site. If your template does not contain this code line, then it would be best to contact your template's developers to properly integrate the code line in your template's files.


If the pages that you are trying to edit are restricted to only a certain group on your site(i.e. accessible to only Registered users) or restricted through a 3rd party component, for example a user has to log in in order to access those pages, then RSSEO! cannot set meta data for them as the component cannot log in on your site to access the pages.


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