It is recommended to use headings when organizing the content of a Joomla! page.

There are 6 headings, the <h1> heading is considered the most important and the <h6> is the least important.

Headings are used to:
  • draw attention over the content;
  • divide the topic into block contents;
  • help the users understand the content underneath headings;
  • improve user experience.

Imagine a webpage as a whitepaper and use appropriately headings and subheadings to emphasis the subject of a page. Don't dilute the content of the page and focus on the topic described on the primary heading.

Seo tips:

The <h1> tag is considered the most important heading.

  • When optimizing a Joomla! website make sure that RSSeo! is configured to replace the "contentheading" and "componentheading" class from Joomla! with <h1>.
  • Choose keywords that will describe accurately the content of that page and use it on <h1> headline tag.
  • When a keyword is included on headings, try to use it at the beginning of the tag. This will increase the prominence of the keyword and will draw the attention of the user.

When using the component in Joomla! 1.5 there are 2 classes: "contentheading" and "componentheading" that mask headings, so search engines spiders won't recognize these classes as headings. RSSeo! replaces these classes from Joomla! with the chosen heading: <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5> or <h6>

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