Duplicate title tags

Unique title tags are a must for Joomla! websites.

Though Joomla! generates an insignificant number of pages, it is best to avoid using the same title to entire website or on large groups of pages. For example, the "Home Page" content is different than the "Contact us" content, so should be the title tags. All duplicate title tags are displayed in RSSeo! under the Pages tab, after crawling your Joomla! website.

Seo tips:

  • the title tag is the most important on-page Seo factor, so focus on writing good title tags that will accurately reflect the content of a page. Search engines value the importance of the title tag;
  • choose carefully the targeted keyword; use research tools that suggest keywords like Google Suggestion Tool and Trellian keyword discovery that will return results based on area and search volume, ppc campaigns;
  • when you decide what will be the targeted keyword for a page, include it in the title tag;
  • to increase the keyword prominence use it at the beginning of the title tag.

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