Duplicate meta description

As default all Joomla! pages have the same meta tags: meta description and meta keywords.

RSSeo! crawls the website and displays all duplicate meta tags and overrides the default ones: Joomla! - the dynamic portal engine and content management system and joomla, Joomla.

The meta description tag is important for search engines because it is used as snippets in the results page. Write an unique meta description for every Joomla! page, otherwise search engines will display the same description.

SEO tips:

  • focus on writing good meta descriptions that will accurately reflect the page content because it could increase the users click-trough rate;
  • a well written meta description will decrease the user click-back rate;
  • choose carefully the targeted keyword and use it in meta description;
  • use research tools to find the appropriate keywords like Google Suggestion Tool and Trellian keyword discovery that will return results based on area and search volume, ppc campaigns;
  • avoid repeating the title tag in the meta description;
  • avoid stuffing the meta description with too many keywords.

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