RSSeo! System Plugin

Remove generator link: By default Joomla! adds a generator link. This is used to identify a website that has been created with Joomla!. By enabling this option you can remove this particular meta tag.

Enable Cookie info: This option will allow you to add a Cookie notice to your site. You can read more about this feature in the following article.

Cookie info URL: The cookie notice window also contains a link where you can explain why this notice appears on the site. You can use this field to set the URL of the article where the Cookie law is explained.

Cookie info position: The notification window can be configured to appear at the top or bottom of the page.


With the System RSSeo! plugin you can be set a permanent redirect from the non-www version to the www-version or viceversa to avoid duplicate content.

Enable canonicalization: This option will enable the redirect described above

Domain name: This is the domain name the redirect will be applied for.

  • If you want a permanent redirect from to write in the Domain Name the version without www.
  • If you want a permanent redirect from to write in the Domain Name the version with www.
  • If you want a permanent redirect from to write in the Domain Name
Watch the video tutorial:

Ep.15 - Enable canonicalization for your Joomla! website with RSSeo!

Site verification

Google Webmasters Tools must verify the website before submitting a sitemap using one of the methods: meta tag verification or upload an HTML file.

Site verification can be done easier with System RSSeo! plugin by placing a meta tag in the page source code.

To enable meta tag verification, in the backend panel click on Extensions > Plugin Manager > System RSSeo!.

In the Plugin Parameters, set to "Yes" the sitemap verification.

In the Webmasters Tools account select from the verification method "meta tag". A meta tag will be generated.

Copy the content and paste it to the System RSSeo! Parameters to the Content box.

After site verification, you can disable the sitemap configuration.

Yandex site verification is a service that provides you with information about the indexing of your websites. Webmaster lets you inform Yandex of new and deleted webpages, customize the indexing of your site and improve the ranking and appearance of your website in Yandex search results.

Video tutorials
Edit meta information from frontend area

RSSeo! also allows you to Edit page metadata straight from the frontend

In order to achieve this you will have to take the following steps:

  • head to Extensions > Plugins > search for the "RSSeo! System Plugin"
  • set to "Yes" the "Frontend metadata" option
  • choose the Joomla! group that can perform this task using the "Who can edit frontend metadata" option
  • head to frontend and click on the RSSeo! icon on the right side of your screen. A panel as the one in the screenshot will be displayed and you can use this in order to edit the page metadata.

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