The RSSeo! Redirects tab allows you to manually create permanent (301) and temporary (302) redirects, thus ensuring that you will not loose visitors due to some changes that you made on URLs, particularly helpful when you have other sites that point out to your site (backlinks).

Also you can set redirects from your site to an external link, in case you wish to make a page on one of your sites point to another site.


  • you can create redirects using wildcards. As an example, if you wish to redirect from all Joomla! Content articles (regardless of their category) to the same page, instead of creating a separate redirect for each article, you can simply create a single redirect and add the following expression in the From field:

    index.php?option=com_content{*} - this uses the {*} wildcard, which gets replaced by any number of characters

    In a similar manner, the {?} can be used. It will only be replaced by a single character.

  • The number of times a redirect was triggered, as well as where it came from, is now being recorded.

  • The From field is now being automatically populated with AJAX.

  • If you have multiple error URLs, you can bulk select these and redirect to a single redirect URL.


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