RSSearch! module

The RSSearch! module allows you to place the searching form almost anywhere on the frontend of your site.

As configuration parameters, the following options are available:

  • Components search: if installed, RSSearch! can generate results from the following areas (components): RSMembership!, RSEvents!Pro, standard Joomla! Content, K2, RSFiles!, Kunena, Mosets Tree, RSBlog!, SobiPro and Virtuemart.
  • Search Button: Yes / No. If enabled, a "Search" button will appear. Clicking on it, will generate more results then when typing in the result
  • Show loop image: Yes / No : choose whether to show or hide the magnifying glass icon inside the search field
  • Show result type: Yes / No - set to Yes in order to display which component the result was pulled from
  • Results Limit: How many results should be displayed when typing the keyword
  • Search Box Width: The search field width, specified in pixels
  • Results Box Width: The result box width, specified in pixels
  • Words No.: Number of words shown in the result description
  • Module Class Suffix: allows you to add a class suffix option so you can better control the appearance of your module

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