RSSearch! for Website Content

The plugin allows you to search in the default Joomla! content areas. It is vailable for Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x.

Step 1: Installing the plugin

This is done by the standard procedure required for installing any Joomla! extension:

  • Head to Extensions >> Extension Manager >> Install
  • Browse for the installation package
  • Click on Upload & Install

Step 2: Configuration

To configure the plugin, head to Components >> RSSearch! and click on RSSearch! Plugins in the dashboard. As an alternative, you can look for the plugin in Extensions >> Plugin Managers and edit it.

The following configuration parameters are available:

  • Order By: the results can be ordered by title / hits / ordering / creation date
  • Direction: the results can be sorted Ascending or Descending
  • Search in: Content (actual body of the article), Categories and Sections
  • Categories: What categories should be included in the search radius
  • Sections: What sections should be included in the search radius

Important: Make sure to publish the plugin after installing it.

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