What is RSSearch! ?

Easy accessible information is the key to any successful website. Joomla! itself provides good mechanisms to stack and manage your content, but when this becomes larger a good searching mechanism is required. This is where RSSearch! comes into place as a substitute to the built in Joomla! search.

RSSearch! is compatible with Joomla! 3.x, flexible, easy to use and most importantly - FREE. By default, it integrates seamlessly with the Joomla! Content (articles), K2, RSEvents!, RSMembership!, Kunena, Virtuemart, Sobi2 and Mosets Tree. The key feature is that you can select in what components to search for the keyword and what parts of the component areas: categories, sections, content, items.

No fancy configuration and display parameters are required. You can simply use the RSSearch! module. This will allow you to embed the search functionality virtually anywhere in your site.

The search results are displayed as you type in the keyword, or, if required you can display a complete list that matches your search string. Access to the content couldn't be any easier!

Have ideas ? You can suggest new features or improvements on our feedback section.

Watch the video tutorial: download, installation, configuration

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