One Page Website - How To

In this article we will show you how easy it is to create a One Page design in just two steps. Before starting, you will need to make sure you've enabled this option from the Template's configuration area (Extensions > Templates > Styles > RSPlazza! > Details > One Page Website).

With this option enabled, you will need to:


Step 1

  • Go to Components > RSPageBuilder! and Edit the Home page
  • Click on the 'Configure Row' icon located on the right side of each RSPageBuilder! row
  • Add a value into the 'Row CSS Id' field - for example, About
  • Repeat the process for a different row (or for as many rows as you need)

The 'Row CSS Id' value needs to be different for each row, otherwise, the One Page functionality won't work.

RSPlazza! - How to create One Page Website - Row CSS Id

Step 2

  • Go to Menus > Edit the Main Menu
  • Create a new System Links > URL menu item, let's name it for example, About
  • Add the above Row Id into the URL field, for example: #About
  • Repeat the process and create a new menu item for each of the above Row CSS Id's
RSPlazza! - How to create One Page Website - Add anchors

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