How do I make CSS overrides for Joomla! components

RSPenta! includes a feature that allows you to easily create CSS overrides for any Joomla! component or module (3rd party or our own), without losing any of the changes when performing updates.

This is done by adding a .css file named after the component's internal name in the template's css folder. The full path looks as follows:



Head to the folder mentioned above. Here, you will find the CSS overrides that RSPenta! offers, by default, for the following components: Contacts, Content, RSBlog!, RSDirectory!, RSEvents!Pro, RSFeedback!, RSFiles!, RSForm!Pro, RSMediaGallery!, RSMembership!, RSTickets!Pro, Users Manager and Smart Search.

By editing any of these files, you will notice that they contain regular CSS code that overrides the components' default definitions.

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