RSPageBuilder! offers plenty configurable elements to choose from as listed below:


Bootstrap Elements
  • Accordion - an accordion like tabs
  • Alert - simple alert message with title and text
  • Button - a button in which you can set a link and icon
  • Carousel - carousel slider with text, button and picture
  • Progress Bars - animated visual horizontal bars that indicate a configured procentual progress
  • Progress Circles - same as a progress bar though in a visual animated circle
  • Tab - a tabs configurator

Basic Elements
  • Animated Number - visual incremental number where you set the limit and duration
  • Google Map - a configurable Google Map where you can manually assign markers
  • Icon - simple icon which can have a link
  • Image - an image box with or without a link
  • List - list items with custom icons
  • Module - this is used to assign an existing module
  • Text Block - title, subtitle, text and button
  • Video - YouTube, Vimeo clip or URL to a video file.

Spacing Elements
  • Divider - a visual horizontal line, such as <hr>
  • Spacer - an invisible spacing container

Box Elements
  • Horizontal Icon Box - title, icon, text and button displayed in a horizontal fashion
  • Horizontal Image Box - title, image, text and button displayed horizontally
  • Personal Box - title, subtitle, text, image and social links
  • Price Box - icon, title, price, text, button and configurable list of features
  • Testimonial - testimonial like box with image
  • Vertical Icon Box - title, icon, text and button displayed in a vertical fashion
  • Vertical Image Box - title, image, text and button displayed vertically
  • YouTube Background Video Box - configurable YouTube only clip that acts as a background for a title and text contents

My Elements
These are all elements that you've created, saved for reuse. If you've installed sample data from a template, elements that were built using RSPageBuilder! in the sample data will be listed here.

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