The carousel is based on the bootstrap javascript component that allows you to cycle content through slides and items.

The customizing process is pretty straightforward, just right-click the elements inside the shortcode modal window to bring-up the options Add, Remove, Edit. RSNoticia! Carousel Shortcode also allows you to choose the number of items per slide.

Simple Carousel
RSNoticia! - Simple Carousel Preview
Configuring the elements

In each item of the slide you can manage the following elements:

  • Title
  • Main text
  • Image
  • Button

Choosing the number of items

The customizing process allows you to choose the number of items per slide.

RSNoticia! - Simple Carousel items per slide

RSNoticia! - Simple Carousel three items per slide preview
Example of 3 items per slide

By selecting 3 items per slide the items will be displayed horizontally just like in the picture in the right

Add/Remove items

Adding and removing items is made possible by right clicking on the desired item and selecting the action (available under Carousel submenu) you wish to pursue.

RSNoticia! - Simple Carousel adding removing items

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