RSMembership - JomSocial integration plugin

The RSMembership! - JomSocial plugin offers a simple integration between the two components. It simply displays the memberships that a user has subscribed to in his/her profile.

RSMembership! - Jomsocial plugin

The plugin is installed trough the Joomla! installer(Extensions >> Install/Uninstall). Also the plugin should be enabled and added as an application to the profiles in JomSocial. The following Parameters can be configure for the plugin when editing it:

  • Core Application: Causes this application to not appear in the users applications list but it will allow this application to appear in the user profile automatically if selected.
  • Caching: The ItemId that you wish to use for the events shown in the profile. Leave blank for the current ItemId.
  • Custom Itemid: Set the custom Itemid you want to use with your RSMembership! links.
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