Upgrade from one membership to another

RSMembership! offers a simple feature that enables you to set up membership upgrades - Upgrades. You can access this feature by heading to Components >> RSMembership! >> Upgrades.

Backend configuration

Defining a membership upgrade is a simple process that only implies 4 fields:

  • Published: Set whether the upgrade is published or not.
  • From membership: The membership that will be upgraded.
  • To membership: The target membership.
  • Price difference: Specify a price difference between the two memberships.

Frontend usage

Frontend users will be able to upgrade their memberships through the Show Subscriber's Memberships menu item, by by following these steps:

  • Click on the membership you wish to upgrade
  • Select the upgrade that you wish to have applied
  • Click on Upgrade and you will be redirected to the standard membership subscription form, where you will need to provide your payment information.

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