Automatically convert a free trial subscription to a full membership using recurring subscriptions

Until recently the only way to convert a free trial subscription to a full membership was to use two different memberships, one for the trial and one for the full subscription. You would need to disable the renewal option for the trial membership and create an upgrade plan from the trial to the full membership. When the trial period ends, the only option available for the user will be to upgrade to the full membership.

In the latest version of the component this can also be achieved with a single membership by following the steps listed below:

  • create the membership from Components > RSMembership! > Memberships
  • configure the trial period of your subscription
  • enable the Use different price for renewals option
  • set the renewal cost
  • enable the Recurring Payment option

This way when the user subscribes to the membership, he will be asked to enter his payment details as well, when the trial period ends he will be automatically billed for the full membership cost.


NOTE: This solution is only available for the PayPal payment plugin.

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