The RSMembership! flexibility is further enhanced by the Membership Upgrades tool. This will allow a user the upgrade from one membership to another, paying the price difference (if any configured).

The process of creating membership upgrades is quite simple, the following steps should provide a clear picture.


Upgrades Dashboard

Under Components > RSMembership! > Upgrades area you will be able to create new Upgrades and see them as a list


Creating Upgrades

While editing the membership Upgrade you will be able to configure the followings:

  • From Membership: The membership that will be upgraded.
  • To Membership: The target membership.
  • Price Difference: The price difference the subscriber will pay for the upgrade.


Frontend View

After configuring your upgrades, the user will be able to use them through the Show subscriber's memberhsips menu item. On the membership details page an upgrade button will be available for the user that will send them to the membership upgrade form.


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