The Reports tool provides a graphical representation on membership related statistics.

By default, 3 types of reports can be generated: Subscribers, Transactions and Sales.


Filtering options
  • Filter by Time Period: you can select a time frame for the report. It offers a calendar selection for To and From dates, along with a unit selection (day, month, quarter, year)
  • Filter by Customer: if selected, the Reports tool can generate a report for a individual user
  • Filter by Status: when generating a transactions report the result can be filtered its status (pending, completed, denied)
  • Filter by Price: a price range can be specified for the generated report
  • Filter by Transaction Types: New purchase, Membership upgrade, New membership extra, Renewal. Color codes can be specified for each report
  • Filter by Payment Gateway: it displays a list of all configured payment options. For example (PayPal, 2CO, Wire transfer)

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