The newly introduced Coupons offers the possibility to create multiple coupon codes for memberships. Until RSMembership! revision 16, you could create a single coupon for one membership.

The new coupon configuration area can be accessed from the Components >> RSMembership! >> Coupons area.

Accessing the Coupons tab, this will display a list of the current configured coupons, with the following details:

  • Date added: the date that the coupon code was created
  • Coupon code: the coupon code char sequence
  • From: the date from which this is active
  • To: the date on which the coupon expires
  • Discount: the discount amount
  • Published: published / unpublished

To create a new discount coupon, simply click on the New button, located on the top-right corner. The following configuration options are available:

  • Published: Publish / unpublish the coupon.
  • Coupon Code: the actual char sequence that will be used. An automated random one can be generated, by clicking on the Generate random code link
  • Discount: discount amount - a decimal number with the following format: 00.00
  • Discount Type - Percent / Fixed Value: If percent is used, the discount will be applied as percentage from the membership price.
  • Max Uses: how many times a coupon code can be used. If left blank or 0, the code can be used for a unlimited number of times.
  • From: the date on which the code will be available for usage
  • To: coupon expiration date
  • Coupon Applies For: multiple membership selectable list. The coupon code can be applied to multiple memberships

The coupon codes are applied only to the membership's price, not extra options, upgrades or renewals.

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