There was an error uploading this file to the server

You might encounter this error when attempting to install RSMelia!. This is most likely caused by the fact that your hosting provider has a file upload size limit lower than 18 MB (RSMelia!'s installation package's size is around ~18 MB). There are 3 approaches which you can take to be able to install the template:

1. Install from Directory

You can upload the files in your Joomla! installation's temp folder via FTP, unzip the archive and install it through the default Joomla! Install from Directory feature found in Extensions >> Manage >> Install >> Install from Directory.

2. Contact your hosting provider

Since these restrictions are being imposed by your hosting proivder, you should try contacting them and ask for an increase of the following PHP directives' values: upload_max_filesize should be at least 20 MB post_max_size should be bigger than upload_max_filesize, so a value of at least 20 MB is required.

You can verify these settings by heading to System >> System Information >> PHP Information.

3. Through a local php.ini file

You can create a file named php.ini in which you can add the directives mentioned in the previous item. The file needs to be placed in your Joomla! installation's root folder, and will override the hosting provider's settings for your website.

This method will only work if the hosting provider allows such overrides of the php.ini file.

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