RSMediaGallery! Responsive Slider Module

As the name implies, RSMediaGallery! Responsive Slider provides a way to display your images in a simple and responsive slideshow.


This module can be downloaded by logging into our website using the account that holds the RSMediaGallery! active subscription, heading to Downloads > RSMediaGallery! > Explore Files > Modules > Responsive Slider Module


In order to install the module you will have to log in into your admin panel and head to Extensions > Manage > Install tab > browse for the "mod_rsmediagallery_responsive_slider.zip" archive downloaded from our website and hit the Upload & Install button.

Configuring the module
1. Basic Options
  • Slider Type: Article Slider / RSMediaGallery! / Instagram Feed
  • Instagram User Id: Instagram User ID
  • Search for a user ID here This option helps you find the Instagram User ID
  • Instagram Access Token: Instagram Access Token
  • Get your access token here This option helps you find the Instagram Access Token
  • Parallax Effects: No / Yes
2. What images would you like to display?
  • Tags: Select the images you want to display by typing in the tags associated with them
3. Slider Options
  • Responsive Appearance: Crop / Resize - Choose the way slider images will be displayed on mobile devices.
  • Autoplay: No / Yes - Sets whether the slideshow will start automatically
  • Stop on Hover: No / Yes - Stops slider animation when moving mouse coursor over it
  • Interval: Interval between transitions in milliseconds
  • Loop Items?: No / Yes - Configure the slider to loop its items
4. Overlay Settings
  • Gradient or Solid Color?: No overlay / Gradient / Solid - The overlay of the slider can be a gradient or a solid color
5. Controls And Transitions
  • Display Prev & Next Arrows: No / Yes - Choose if you want to display Previous & Next slide buttons
  • Show Indicators: No / Yes - Show the indicatiors (small bullets) that helps users to navigate the images
  • Transition In Effect: This option allows you to choose the transition in effect for the slider images
  • Indicators Position: Select the position where you want the indicators to be displayed
6. Caption Settings
  • Vertical Align: Align Top / Align Middle / Align Bottom
  • Caption Size: Small Size Caption / Medium Size Caption / Large Size Caption
  • Use A Google Font: This option will allow you to select a Google Font for your image description/title
  • Show Title: No / Yes
  • Show Description: No / Yes
  • Show URL: No / Yes
  • Title's Animation: This option allows you to choose the animation of the title
  • Description's Animation: This option allows you to choose the animation of the description
  • Button's Animation: This option allows you to choose the animation of the button
  • Open Links In New Page: No / Yes - You can add a target='_blank' to the link, opening the link in a new page instead of the current one
  • Caption Align: Align Left / Align Center / Align Right
  • Captions Visibility: All devices / Phones / Tablets / Phone and Tablets / Desktop / Desktop and Tablets
  • Captions Font: Choose the font you want to use for slider captions. To enable Google Fonts please enter your Google API key in RSMediaGallery! Options → Layout & Optimization.
  • Title's Color: Select the color for the image title
  • Description's Color: Select the color for the image description
  • Button's Color: Regular Button / Primary button / Secondary button / Green Button / Red Button / Orange Button / Blue button
7. Slider Settings
  • Order Images By: Specify how you want your images to be ordered.
  • Number of Items: Specify if you want your images to be sorted ascending or descending
  • Order Direction: Specify how many images should be displayed (0 to show all)
8. CSS
  • Module Class Suffix: A suffix to be applied to the CSS class of the module. This allows individual module styling.

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