What is RSMediaGallery! ?

As its self speaking name, RSMediaGallery! allows you to create a professional gallery within minutes from its installation. As usual, this includes lightbox and transition effects and can be published with its menu item, inside Joomla! standard articles, third party content areas and even in module positions.


Relying on an AJAX driven interface, RSMediaGallery! has a centralized area where you can perform all operations. Advanced filtering, tagging and actions that can be applied to multiple items are included. For each image you can monitor the hit count, control the generated thumb, set a description, URL and a title.

RSMediaGallery! Features:
  • Multiple upload
  • Advanced filtering
  • AJAX driven interface
  • Actions can be applied to multiple items
  • Joomla! ACL support
  • Total thumb image control
  • Complete publishing options

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