The Gallery Layout menu item

To add a new menu item, simply open your Joomla! administrator panel, head to the Menus menu, and click on the Add New Menu Item.

In the newly opened screen, two RSMediaGallery! menu items will be available, Gallery Layout and Albums Layout.

Set the Menu Item type to Gallery Layout, in the RSMediaGallery! section. Here you will be able to select the images that you wish to display by typing in the associated tags in the Options tab.

Options tab
  • Tags: Select the images you would want to display by inserting the appropriate tags;
  • Make Gallery Responsive: Enabling this option will create a responsive gallery;
  • Number of Items per Row: Set the number of thumbnails to be displayed per row;
Advanced tab

In the Advanced Options section the following options are available for configuration:

List View
  • Thumbnail Size: specify either the width or the height of the thumbnails. Note that this does not affect the uploaded images (just how these are displayed).
  • Center Gallery: Yes / No - Set to Yes in order to center the gallery inside its HTML container
  • Order Images By: Free ordering / Title / Description / Hits / Created date / Modified date.
  • Order Direction: Ascending / Descending.
  • Number of Items per Page: How many image will be displayed per page.
  • Open Images In: Slideshow / Detail page / Go to URL. When an image is clicked, this action will be triggered.
  • Open Images In New Page: Yes / No.
  • Show Title: Yes / No.
  • Show Description: Yes / No.
  • Loading Bar: None / Right / Left / Up / Down - Displays an Youtube-like loading bar. You can choose one of the available positions for it. Set to None in order to disable it.


  • There is the possibility to set a Number of Items per Row. Also, the Make Gallery Responsive option will render the items displayed by the menu item as responsive. These two settings are being used in conjunction, meaning that Number of Items per Row will be taken into consideration only if Make Gallery Responsive is enabled.
  • The Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest sharing buttons are associated with each image thumbnail generated by the Gallery Layout menu item. You can read more about this below, in the Social Sharing section.
Detail View
  • Use Original Image: Yes / No. If set to Yes it will show the full original image instead of the higher resolution crop.
  • Full Size: specify either the width or the height of the full images (eg. when the user clicks on an image).
  • Allow Download of Original Image: Yes / No.
  • Show Title: Yes / No.
  • Show Description: Yes / No.
  • Show Views: Yes / No.
  • Show Tags: Yes / No.
  • Show Created Date: Yes / No.
  • Show Modified Date: Yes / No.
Support Us!
  • Show Credits: Yes / No. By setting this to Yes, you can support RSJoomla! by placing an anchor that links back to our site.
Social Sharing tab

Here, you can enable sharing links, that will get displayed in the images' thumbnails and when viewed in the modal, for the following sharing networks:

  • Enable on Thumbs: Yes / No: Display the social sharing links on the thumbnails;
  • Enable on Details: Yes / No: Display the social sharing links on the detail view;
  • Share on Facebook: Yes / No: set to Yes in order to show the Facebook Share button;
  • Share on Twitter: Yes / No: set to Yes in order to show the Twitter Share button;
  • Share on Pinterest: Yes / No: set to Yes in order to show the Pinterest Share button;

If you wish to see an example of how the Gallery layout menu item looks like in the frontend, please visit the RSMediaGallery! Screenshots section.

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