Publish RSMediaGallery! slideshow modules in articles

Joomla! offers great flexibility when it comes to displaying module positions, and all of this is done using a very simple syntax, included by default in Joomla!. Assuming that you wish to display the RSMediaGallery! Responsive Slideshow Module within a Joomla! Content article's text, here's what you need to do:

Configuring the module
  • Head to Extensions >> Module Manager >> edit the RSMediaGallery! Responsive Slideshow Module
  • in the Details area, click inside the Position field and type any name for the position (we'll call it rsmgslide, but you can name it in any way you like)
  • set up the rest of the module's parameters to best suit your needs (this is irrelevant to our scenario)
Setting up the article
  • Head to Content >> Article Manager and edit your article
  • Add the following syntax, where you need the module, in the article's text:

{loadposition rsmgslide}


{loadmodule rsmgslide}

Note: Both syntaxes presented above can be used to produce equal results.

How it works

This functionality is being implemented by Joomla!'s Content - Load Modules plugin. The plugin parses the website's content and replaces the syntax, wherever it finds it, with the module position specified within.

IMPORTANT: For this to work, you need to make sure that the Content - Load Modules plugin is ENABLED.

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