Override RSMalta! template positions

Although RSMalta! offers tremendous flexibility when choosing or modifying existing positions via the Template Positions builder functionality, if you want to custom code your desired position this can be done without having to worry about loosing these changes after you update the template. The following position rows can be overridden:

  • top
  • after-top
  • featured
  • breadcrumbs
  • before-higher
  • higher
  • after-higher
  • before-content
  • after-content
  • before-middle
  • middle
  • after-middle
  • before-lower
  • lower
  • after-lower
  • before-bottom
  • bottom
  • after-bottom
  • before-footer
  • footer
  • after-footer
  • copyright

Let's assume for example you want to override the higher template position. Steps you need to take:

  1. create an empty PHP file named exactly after the position, in our case higher.php
  2. place the file within RSMalta! positions folder (\templates\rsmalta\positions\)
  3. add your custom PHP code within this particular file

Tip: you can use the following to print out details about that particular template position row:

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