RSMail subscribe module

The RSMail subscribe module allows you place a subscription module anywhere on your site. Among the ordinary module options (Position, Order, Access Level, and Menu Assignment) you can also choose the list of subscribers that the module is based on and which fields to display.

If you have more that one list available for your site's users, you can allow users to select which list they want to subscribe to by changing the module parameters.

How to subscribe directly via the RSMail! module:
  • Edit the RSMail subscribe module, by going to Extensions >> Module Manager.
  • Choose the list(s) you wish to add subscribers to and press Save (you can also allow users to subscribe to multiple lists as defined in the 'Mailing lists' option)
  • Select the fields of the list(s) you wish to display in the module

The module's nature implies having some spam protection methods available. We have included both a built-in CAPTCHA and an integration with the popular anti-spam method, reCAPTCHA.

To set this up, head to Extensions >> Module Manager >> look for RSMail Newsletter and edit the module >> choose your preferred anti-spam method in the Enable captcha field.

Depending on your choice, you will need to set up the following parameters:

Built-in CAPTCHA
  • Characters: Set the number of characters that will be generated in the image
  • Generate lines: Choose whether to include lines in the image or not
  • Use case sensitive: Yes / No - Make the answer case sensitive or not
reCAPTCHA (Legacy)
  • reCAPTCHA public key: Enter the public key provided on the reCAPTCHA website
  • reCAPTCHA private key: Enter the private key provided on the reCAPTCHA website
  • reCaptcha theme: Choose one of four available themes: Red, White, Blackglass or Clean
  • Site Key - Paste your site key here - obtained from the reCAPTCHA account from google
  • Secret Key - Paste your secret key here - obtained from the reCAPTCHA account from google
  • Theme - Choose the desired theme, can be LIGHT or DARK
  • Type (Fallback) - Fallback method can be chosen, IMAGE or AUDIO

In order to get the reCAPTHCA private and public keys, you will need to own a Google account.

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