RSMail! Menu items

RSMail! incorporates a single menu item:
Show my subscriptions
Backend View

Menu item configuration options:

  • List ordering direction: Sets the default ordering direction for lists
  • Allow users to subscribe: No / Yes - allow your users to subscribe to different lists
  • Lists: Select which lists a user can subscribe to
Frontend View

RSMail! came with the solution to create a new layout, incorporating two tabs: Details and History. Users that aren't logged in and want to unsubscribe from one of your mailing lists, simply need to type in their email address in the "Details" tab and they will receive a private link that will allow them to edit their subscriptions.

Logged in users will be able to subscribe or unsubscribe from a list by cheking or unchecking the desired list, actions that are followed by a confirmation email.

The "History" tab will allow your subscriber to view the list of newsletter message that were sent to the currently logged in user.

Subscribers can also view the content of each mail that was sent to them.

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