RSMail! Follow-Ups

The RSMail! Follow-ups tab allows you to create a collection of email messages that are triggered in specific time frame.

Basically, there are two types of follow-ups: after user subscribes and after a specified date selected by the administrator.

Setting up a Follow-up:
  • In the follow-ups tab click the new button.
  • Name your follow-up and select when to start (After the user subscribes or On a specific date).
  • Each follow-up is assigned to at least one subscriber list.
  • Choose the list(s) you want to send the messages.
  • Final thing to do is to add the messages in the follow-up timeline, to add a message click on the blue "plus" bullet.
  • Select the message from the dropdown menu and press the Add message button.
  • Map the corresponding fields, set the delay until the message is sent then press Add.
  • The message and the message delay is added to the timeline.
  • You can add as many messages as you need.

You can change the messages occurrence order directly from the timeline by dragging the bullets left or right.

In order to get the auto-responder to function a server side Cron job is required. This can be configured on your cPanel server and add a new Cron job with the following command: lynx ""

In case this doesn't work, use the following command:

wget -O /dev/null ""

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