Starting with version 3.9.1, Joomla! introduced a new component "com_privacy" in response to laws and regulations (such as GDPR). This component allows you to export or delete (anonymize) the user's information.

RSMail! integrates with this component, through the "Privacy - RSMail!" plugin and each time a new request is made(delete or export) through the "com_privacy" component, the user information from RSMail! is also deleted(anonymized) or exported.

The plugin is installed along with the component and in order this functionality to work properly you will have head to Extensions > Plugins and make sure that the "Privacy - RSMail!" plugin is enabled.

If you want to read more information on how the "com_privacy" component works, you can read the following article from Joomla!'s official documentation:

If you want to see the type of information that is stored by RSMail! component, you can head to Users > Privacy > Capabilities and access the "RSMail! - General Capabilities" tab:

General Privacy Capabilities

When visitors subscribe to a newsletter list the following personal data will be stored:

  • The IP address of the visitor.
  • The Email address of the visitor.
  • Any information supplied by the visitor in the subscription itself.

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