How to avoid email validation when using RSForm!Pro - RSMail! integration plugin

An issue you may encounter when using RSForm!Pro and RSMail! is that a user cannot submit your form twice using the same E-Mail, the form returning a validation error.

At the current moment, there is no built in feature that would allow this scenario to pass validation, however as a workaround you can insert the following script in the "Scripts called on form process" area (Form Properties > PHP Scripts).

Basically, what this script does, is grab the email's field's id (each form field is considered as a component) and checks if it has the proper format (something@something.com). If it passes the format validation, we force it to ignore other validation rules

// Grabs the ID of the form field
    $idc = RSFormProHelper::getComponentId("email_field_name");
    // Check the value of the email field has the proper format
    $tmp = RSFormProValidations::email($_POST['form']['email_field_name']);
    // Remove the field's validation if it has proper format,
    // ignoring that the email is already registered
    if(in_array($idc, $invalid) && $tmp == '1'){ 
    $pos = array_search($idc, $invalid); 


  • Don't forget to insert the actual name of the Email field in the script provided
  • Keep in mind that the Already Subscribed! error will still be shown, but your form will be submitted to the databse

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