How can I add an unsubscribe link to my message?

Adding an unsubscribe link to your message, can be done in a matter of minutes by following the steps below.

  • Head over to Components > RSMail! > Messages;
  • Select the desired message you wish to edit;
  • In the Message area, simply insert the following placeholder: [unsubscribe].

Please note that the placeholder - [unsubscribe] - does not actually place a link in the message's text, but returns an URL which needs to be placed within a link manually, as follows:

<a href="[unsubscribe]">Click here to unsubscribe from our newsletter</a>

More placeholders can be found by clicking the Placeholders button as presented in the screenshot.


The unsubscribe link will not work when using the Preview or the Spam score & Preview functionalities.


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