Shortcode Full Width Roundabout
RSLibro! - Full Width Roundabout Preview
Configuration elements

The Roundabout is a sliding jQuery plugin that allows you to display a container with 3 or more images (and content) in an awesome way.

RSLibro! Full Width Roundabout allows you to configure each item by right clicking the following desired elements:

  • Background Image
  • Subset
  • Image
  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Main Text

Add/Remove Items

Adding and removing items is made possible by right clicking on the desired item and selecting the action (available under Roundabout submenu) you wish to pursue.

RSLibro! - Full Width Roundabout add or remove items

RSLibro! - Full Width Roundabout edit elements
Editing item elements

You can edit each element by right clicking it and selecting the desired action.

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