RSLibro! Fashion Sample data

RSLibro! Fashion Sample

This page is dedicated for describing how you can get started on creating a fashonable directory. Offering a specific set of fields (Manufacturer, Price, Color, Size) you'll be able to give your users the ability to post or find fashion items right away.

Want to see it in action?

You can view an example on how to add a fashion item on our RSLibro! Joomla! 3.x Template demo server "Post an ad" page with Fashion category selected.

Fashion Sample Data
RSLibro! RSDirectory! Add fashion item
RSLibro! RSDirectory! Add fashion item
Adding a fashion item

Go to Post An Ad (the last item of the main menu) after that select the Fashion category and hit the Next button.

RSLibro! RSDirectory! Add fashion item details
Product Details

In the Product Details you can fill data such as:

  • Title
  • Manufacturer
  • Price
  • Promoted
  • Images
  • Details
  • Exterior Color
  • Size

Contact Tab

In the Contact tab you can specify the contact information of the publisher such as:

  • Phone
  • Email Address
  • Website
  • Address

After you type in your address, you can drag the pinpoint so it can be more precise.

RSLibro! RSDirectory! Add fashion item contact tab

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