Creating a new language file

To create a new language file, follow these steps:
  1. Locate your Joomla!/components/com_forme/languages directory.
  2. Make a copy of en.php and rename it to whatever-language-you-want.php. The name of the file should be the same as the country code of the language pack you want to use. For instance, you can rename it to fr.php if you have the french language pack installed.
  3. Open the newly renamed file with any text editor you wish. Language constants are defined like this:
    DEFINE('PLACEHOLDER','This is the translation');
    Please make sure you correctly close parenthesis and quotes. All DEFINE() lines should be closed with a semicolon. Use a PHP friendly editor to help you out through the process.
We recommend that you use the corresponding HTML code for UTF-8 characters. If you choose not to use HTML codes for your UTF-8 characters, please make sure that you save the file with UTF-8 no BOM encoding.

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