The Form Style Tab

In the form style tab you can define the layout of your form. By default, the form has a taular layout. The first column is for the Field title, the second for the Field itself, and the third for the field description if any.

Placeholders that you can use in the Form Style:

  • {formtitle} - will display the value you added in the Form Title field
  • {formname} - will display the unique form name you typed in the Form Name field
  • {action} - will output the form action page
  • {enctype} - if the form contains an upload field, will output enctype="multipart/formdata" needed to enable the handling of files in php
  • {formfields} - will output the fields of your form. Each field has it's own field style, so you can customize your form's layout as much as you like. 

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