The Form Edit tab

The first thing to do when creating a new form is to give the form a title and a name. Then click on the Apply button, and continue working on your form.

This way, you will see the New Field button, only visible when the form has been saved at least once.

The Form Title

The form title will show up in the front-end. You can make it invisible by editing the form style. More on changing the form appearance here .

The Form Name

Each form should have an unique form name. The form name is alphanumeric, no spaces. It can be used to identify the form in javascript and also to set up the multi-language .

Form Language ISO

If you want to enable multiple language forms you must have at least two forms with the same Form Name, but with different Form Language ISO. Here's how to set up the multi-language.

Return URL

The return url is the URL where the user will be redirected after filling the form. The normal process is:

Form Completion -> Form Validation -> Thankyou message(optional) -> Return Url(optional, default is back to form). Learn how to create custom return urls here .

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