RSform! Multi-language

RSform! supports multi-language forms. In order to get your multi-language forms up and running, follow these simple steps(example for spanish language):

  1. Locate and copy the file /components/com_forme/languages/en.php to /components/com_forme/languages/es.php
  2. Create your default (lets say english) form. In the Form Editor / Form Edit tab, type en in the Form Language ISO field
  3. Select your form in the Forms list, and click Copy. An identical form will be created.
  4. Edit the new form, and change the Form Language ISO to es for example, or de for german, or whatever language you wish.
  5. If you have joomfish installed, RSform! will autodetect language change by the visitor, and switch to the proper form
  6. If you do not have joomfish, RSform! also detects the GET parameter lang=en for example.

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