Manage forms

In this screen you can see all your forms. Click on the form name to edit it, or if you want to duplicate a form, select it and click on Copy. Each form should have an unique form name. Learn more about creating multi-language forms here .

Forms Manager list columns:

  • Form Title
    The form title will be displayed in the front-end. You can remove it from the layout. Learn how here .
  • Form Name
    The form name is used to identify your forms. Also it is being used when creating multi-language forms.
  • Published
    A form is Unpublished when initially created. Make sure you publish it before hitting preview.
  • Data
    A small report on the submissions for the form. Click on it to view the submissions screen.
  • Form Link
    This is the main link of the form and can be used when adding the form to a menu item .
  • Preview
    Same as Form Link.
  • Form ID
    The Form ID is used when adding the form to the front-page menu. More about adding the form to a menu item.

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