Introduction to RSform!

RSform! is a highly specialized Joomla! form builder. Like any other Joomla! extension it is divided into two sections: front-end and back-end.

The Front-end section is simply represented by the outcome form, configured in the back-end. No configuration and settings are made through this side.

The Back-end section can be accessed by going to Components > RSform!. This is devided on the functionality criteria: 

  • Forms Manager: by accessing this menu you will be able to create, edit and delete forms
  • View Data: the ability to view submitted data
  • Add Sample Date: you can add a simple example form in order to better understand how you can build up forms
  • Back-up Your Forms: ability to create a back-up file of all of your forms, along with their submissions
  • Restore Your Forms: ability to restore the forms from a back-up file
  • Info: product information page along with the installation log
  • Support: opens up the customer support page
  • Check for updates: upon accessing this menu, RSform! will automatically check for new updates.

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