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RSForm!Pro - vtiger integration

The vtiger Plugin allows integration between RSForm!Pro and the Webservice (Leads). You can use the plugin with a Self Hosted vtiger CRM or with vtiger on demand. The integration is done silently while running in the background, so the user (form submitter) will not notice anything in the frontend.


You can get the plugin from our website, in the Downloads >> My Downloads section. Once you get there, click on the view all plugins and modules button associated with the RSForm!Pro license and click RSForm!Pro Files >> Plugins >> vtiger integration.

Installing it is done through the default Joomla! Extension Manager, as presented in this article: How to install the plugin

Enabling the integration

Head over to the RSForm!Pro component and Manage the form you would like to send Leads to your vtiger account.

In the Form Properties access the vtiger tab (listing on the left) and switch Use Integration? to Yes and specify the vtiger connection details: Access key, User name and host name.

Using the plugin

Below the plugin's Authentication section you have a list of Lead Information which can be mapped with RSForm!Pro standard fields. Simply type in the placeholder, or click inside a field and you will be able to select it from a list.


The "Custom field label" will need to match the label you've setup for your custom field in vtiger.

Obtaining the connection details

  • Self Hosted vtiger CRM
  • vtiger on demand

Head over to your self hosted vtiger CRM and access My Preferences:

Grab the username from the first column on the left:

And scroll down to the bottom of the page to get the API Key:

In the Host URL field, insert the address of your CRM (example: http://localhost/vtigercrm)

Head over to vtiger and login on your account.

Access the My Preferences section:

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and grab your Access Key:

And the Host URL can be grabbed directly from the address bar as per this example:

Video tutorial

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