Plugin - ZohoCRM (Capture leads)

RSForm!Pro - Zoho CRM integration

The Zoho CRM integration plugin will allow you to automatically assign the user's submitted data to your Zoho CRM account as new leads.


Once you get there, click on the view all plugins and modules button associated with the RSForm!Pro license and click RSForm!Pro Files >> Plugins >> Zogo CRM plugin.

Installing it is done through the default Joomla! Extension Manager, as presented in this article: How to install the plugin


After installing and publishing the plugin you will see, in Components >> RSForm!Pro >> Configuration that a new tab was added, Zoho CRM, which holds only one configuration field - the Zoho CRM Token. You can grab your own key from here: generate Authtoken, this only works with "crmapi" as scope; if you're viewing "creatorapi" or "DataAPI", the token won't work.

Enabling the integration

Head over to the RSForm!Pro component and Manage the form you would like to send Leads to your Zoho CRM account.

In the Form Properties access the Zoho CRM plugin and switch Use Zoho CRM Integration? to Yes.

Available options for the plugin:

  • Trigger workflow: - If enabled this will trigger the workflow rule while inserting the record into the CRM account (Workflows are a set of actions (alerts, tasks and field updates) that are executed when certain specified conditions are met, you can find more information in these articles: Developer API Help & Workflow Rules;
  • Update Lead if exists - If this is enabled, the existing lead entry will be automatically updated with the newly submitted information - matching is performed by the email address;
  • Enable Lead approval - Enabling this option, will be keep the newly added leads in approval mode, you will have to moderate them from your Zoho account;
  • Include / Exclude null values - Include / Exclude - Choose whether to include or exclude null values when inserting the record in the CRM account;

Using the plugin

Below the plugin's options you have a list of Lead Information which can be mapped with RSForm!Pro standard files. Simply use the Dropdown Field and select which of the already created RSForm!Pro fields should be mapped.


Video tutorial

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