RSForm!Pro - RSEvents!

Custom Joomla! Event Registration Form

This plugin will enable you to assign RSForm!Pro forms as registration forms for RSEvents!

You can download the plugin from the Downloads >> My Downloads area of our website(make sure you're logged in).

Tutorial - Using RSForm!Pro - RSEvents plugin

The RSForm!Pro - RSEvents Plugin is a plugin that once installed and enabled will allow you to add custom Registration Forms to your RSEvents installation. In this tutorial, you will learn how to install the plugin, then how to build up your custom registration form.

Joomla! 1.5 Joomla! 2.5

Technical requirements

In order to make the plugin work, you need:

  • Joomla! 1.5 or 2.5
  • Latest revision of RSForm! Pro
  • Latest revision of RSEvents!

Getting the RSForm!Pro - RSEvents plugin

Joomla! RSEvents - My DownloadsIn order to download the RSForm!Pro - RSEvents plugin you must have at least one active code of RSForm!Pro. Simply go to the My Downloads section of our website(You must be logged-in in order to see the My Downloads section).

In the list of downloads go to the RSForm!Pro section, and download the file called

Installing the plugin

Once you have downloaded the RSForm!Pro RSEvents plugin, you can install it using the default Joomla! installer as shown in the image

Joomla! RSEvents - Customer Downloads

The RSForm!Pro - RSEvents plugin should auto-publish itself, but if that doesn't happen, you can go to Extensions / Plugin Manager and enable it. The plugin is located in the System group and you can identify it by the name of "System - Rsfprsevents"

Adding the RSEvents form components

Joomla! RSEvents - Adding Joomla! form componentsOnce you have enabled the plugin, go to RSForm!Pro » Manage Forms and edit the form where you want to use the RSForm!Pro - RSEvents plugin. You will notice on the left side of the screen, just under the common form components, the new RSEvents plugin form components.

In order for the form to be compatible with RSEvents form registration you will have to add all of the RSEvents components. Also you can customize your registration form with any type of components. If the event will not have tickets than you will not have to add the Tickets component and the Payment component. Since, RSEvents! revision 16, a new field has been added: Coupon code field. This is used for applying certain discounts on purchased subscription tickets. More detailed information is available on the RSEvents! Ticket manager page.

Selecting the form in RSEvents

When creating a new event in the Registration section you will be able to select the Default form which is the standard RSEvents! form registration or to select your custom registration form.

Joomla! RSEvents - Selecting the registration form

Viewing the details when selecting a different registration form

If you are using a custom registration form and have other fields that are not required you will be able to see them by accessing your RSEvents installation and going to Subscribers tab.

In frontend:

In frontend, users will be subscribed to event after submitting the custom registration form.

In backend:

The event subscribers will be listed in RSEvents! >> "Subscriptions" tab along with their details.
Also, here you can moderate the subscriber payment status: "Accepted, "Pending" or "Denied".

Other subscriber details can be accessed by clicking the "Details" icon: the number of tickets, ticket amount (when the user pays via PayPal), the coupon code used, as well as other custom fields included in the registration form.

Video tutorial:

Ep. 40: Create Joomla! custom registration forms for your events with RSEvents! and RSForm!Pro