Plugin - External Mailer (Use different email settings and add DKIM support)

RSForm!Pro Mailer Plugin
This RSForm!Pro Mailer Plugin is commercial and needs to be purchased separately. You can buy it by accessing Customer Area > My memberships > Active Memberships > clicking the 'Buy Extra Plugins' button of your RSForm!Pro license. Also note that your account needs to hold an active RSForm!Pro subscription.
What does this plugin do?

The RSForm!Pro Mailer Plugin allows RSForm!Pro to send emails using a different mailer settings than the ones from Global Configuration. Besides this functionality, the RSForm!Pro Mailer Plugin will help you to prevent spoofing by adding a digital signature to outgoing message headers using the DKIM standard.

DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) is an email authentication method designed to detect email spoofing by providing a mechanism to allow receiving mail exchangers to check that incoming mail from a domain is authorized by that domain's administrators.

In technical terms, DKIM is a technique to authorize a domain to associate its name to an email message through cryptographic authentication.

Note: The DKIM option can be configured from the component configuration by heading to Components > RSForm!Pro > Configuration > Mailer Settings tab.

Downloading and Installing the plugin

You can download the plugin by logging with your purchase user, then head to Downloads > Paid Downloads > RSForm!Pro > Modules & Plugins > "Mailer Plugin for Joomla! 3.x".


In the backend of your Joomla! installation go to the Extensions > Install/Uninstall page, and install the plugin. Next thing is to publish the plugin, to do this go to Extensions > Plug-in Manager, search for the "RSForm! Pro - Mailer" plugin and publish it.

Configuring the plugin

The RSForm!Pro Mailer plugin configuration can be done from Components > RSForm!Pro > Configuration > Mailer Settings tab.

Within this tab are available the following options:

  • Apply Settings To All Forms: No/Yes - Setting this option to Yes will apply the below settings to all forms. Choosing No will allow you to select the specific forms from a list where these settings will be applied.
  • Select Forms to Apply Settings To: Please use CTRL+CLICK to select or deselect a form.
  • Select mailer:
    • Use Joomla! Global Configuration - when selecting this option RSForm!Pro will use the mailer settings from Global Configuration in order to send emails
    • PHP Mail
    • Send Mail
    • SMTP - this option is used in order to set up an external mailer (such as Gmail or Yahoo)
  • Enable DKIM?: No/Yes - enable or disable DKIM signing
  • Domain: this field should contain your domain;
  • Selector: to support multiple concurrent public keys per signing domain, the key namespace is subdivided using "selectors". For example, selectors might indicate the names of office locations (e.g., "sanfrancisco", "coolumbeach", and "reykjavik"), the signing date (e.g., "january2005", "february2005", etc.), or even the individual user.
  • Passphrase: used to encrypt the private key
  • Identity: this can be in the format of an email address, typically used as the source of the email
  • Private Key: your private key must be inserted here. You can generate one from here:
  • Public Key: your public key must be inserted here. You can generate one from here:
  • Use Custom Email Headers No/Yes - Enabling this option will allow you add custom headers to the emails sent by RSForm!Pro. In order to add a new email header, you will have to enable this option, click on the "Add new" button and afterwards complete the header "Name" and "Value".


You cannot use field placeholders when configuring Custom Email Headers, the values needs to be added manually in the "Name" and "Value" fields.

19 Mar 2024
Version 3.0.2
  • Added - Settings can be applied either to all forms or specific forms.
04 Mar 2024
Version 3.0.1
  • Added - Joomla! 5 native compatibility - no longer needs the 'Behaviour - Backward Compatibility' plugin.
09 Jun 2021
Version 3.0.0
  • Updated - Joomla! 4.0 and RSForm! Pro 3.0 compatibility.
25 Sep 2020
Version 1.51.2
  • Fixed - DKIM signature was not added due to PHPMailer changes.
11 Jan 2018
Version 1.51.1
  • Added - Configure your own custom email headers.
  • Updated - Bumped minimum requirements to Joomla! 3.7.0
  • Fixed - Old code removed.
03 Jun 2016
Version 1.51.0
  • Added - Joomla! automatic updates support.
  • Updated - Bumped minimum requirements to Joomla! 2.5.28
30 Mar 2016
Initial Release

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