Module - mod_rsform_feedback (Display a button that popups up a form)

The RSForm! Pro Feedback module displays a button in a certain position(top, right, left or bottom) on your site which will display a chosen form inside a modal(depending on the option chosen in the module) when pressed. The module can be installed on your site by using the default Joomla! installer (Extensions >> Install/Uninstall >> Browse >> select the module >> "Upload File and Install") and can be configured from the Module Manager.

The configurable parameters are:

  • Module Class Suffix : A suffix to be applied to the CSS class of the Module. This allows for individual Module styling;
  • Form : The form that will be displayed in the module;
  • Open In : This is how the form will show up. The options available are: Same Window, New Window or Modal;
  • (Modal) Width : If you set the form to open in a modal window, this would be the modal window's width;
  • (Modal) Height : If you set the form to open in a modal window, this would be the modal window's height.;
  • Item Id : You can choose a custom Item Id for this link;
  • Text : This is the text to be displayed in the module;
  • Font : This is the font that will be used;
  • Font Size : This is the font size of the text;
  • Text Position : This is the position of the module. The positions available are: Top, Bottom, Right or Left;
  • Text Color : This is the text color code;
  • Background Color : This is the background color code;
  • Border Color : This is the border color code;
  • Image Type : This is the type of the image being generated.

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