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RSForm!Pro Zoom Plugin

The RSForm!Pro Zoom plugin allows your site users to connect to your Zoom Meeting.

Downloading and Installing the plugin

You can download the plugin by logging with your purchase user, then head to My Downloads > RSForm!Pro - Modules & Plugins > Plugins > "Zoom".


In the backend area go to the Extensions > Manager > Install page, and install the plugin. Next thing is to publish the plugin from Extensions > Plugins, search for the "System - RSForm! Pro Zoom" plugin.

Setting up Zoom API Keys

The integration between RSForm!Pro and Zoom requires the followings:

  • two Keys, API Key and API Secret Key. Both can be generated from you Zoom account, more details can be found here.
  • You will make sure to create a JWT application from Develop > Build App area.
  • Afterwards, the necessary keys will be generated and you can add them within Components > RSForm!Pro > Configuration > Zoom tab.

Scheduling a Meeting in Zoom

Next, you will be able to schedule a meeting from your Zoom account. Note that the 'Registration' option needs to be required in order for the integration to work.


Configuring the integration
  • Access your form in the backend > Components > RSForm!Pro > Manage Forms > your form > Form Properties > Zoom tab.
  • Enable the "Use Zoom" option.
  • If the 'Add Registrant When Payment is Complete' option is enabled, the user will be added only after the payment has been confirmed by the payment gateway.
  • When enabling the 'Show API Messages' the error messages will be displayed upon submission.
  • From the User dropdown you will need to select an user from your account so that the meetings can be loaded
  • Finally, choose the 'Meeting' to which users will be added.

The following placeholders can be used to return the Join URL and the Password needed to participate to a Zoom meeting (for example in User / Admin emails or within the Thank You page):

  • {zoom_join_url}
  • {zoom_password}

You can either use the above placeholders or the direct Join URL / Password generated, for example:

  • Join URL:
  • Password: 1234567890

Mandatory fields that will require mapping: - for the information to be passed correctly between RSForm!Pro and Zoom, the following fields requires mapping:

  • Email - as the name implies, this will be the registered user email.
  • Name - the registered user name.
  • Last Name - the registered user last name.
18 May 2020
Initial Release

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