Plugin - Cloudflare Turnstile Captcha (Spam Protection)

Protect your websites with the latest captcha integration released by our developers team, precisely Cloudflare Turnstile Captcha, a CAPTCHA-free alternative which proves to be quite effective, while ensuring your privacy.

Downloading and Installing the plugin

You can download the plugin by logging with your purchase user, then head to Downloads > Paid Downloads > RSForm!Pro > Modules & Plugins > "Cloudflare Turnstile Captcha".


Go to Extensions > Manage > Install, and upload and install the plugin. Navigate to Extensions > Plugins, search for the "System - RSForm! Pro Cloudflare Turnstile Captcha" plugin and ensure it is published.


After installing and enabling the plugin you will see, in ComponentsRSForm!ProConfiguration that a new tab was added, Cloudflare Turnstile Captcha:

Two configuration parameters are required:

  • Site Key: The Sitekey is generated when creating a new site from your Cloudflare Turnstile Captcha account.
  • Secret Key: The Sitekey is generated when creating a new site from your Cloudflare Turnstile Captcha account.

You can create an account for this anti-spam solution on the official Cloudflare website.

  • More information on how Cloudflare Turnstile Captcha works is available here

The Form Field

To add a Turnstile Captcha field to your form, head to Components > RSForm!Pro > Manage Forms > edit your form > Components > scroll down to Turnstile Captcha and click on it. The field includes the following configuration tabs:


  • Name: Type in an internal name for the field
  • Caption: Type in the field's caption. This will be visible in the frontend
  • Description: Type in a description for the field. Also visible in the frontend


  • Validation Message: Provide a validation message that will be displayed if the field fails validation


  • Theme: Auto / Light / Dark - Choose a visual theme for the field
  • Additional Attributes: Here you can add additional HTML attributes for the input field

The output in the front-end will automatically check if the submitter is human or robot.

29 Sep 2022
Initial Release

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