Plugin - CleanTalk (Spam protection)

The plugin can be downloaded by logging into our website using the account that holds the subscription and heading to Downloads >> My Downloads area.

With RSForm!Pro - CleanTalk Plugin, you can add an invisible protection to your website from spammers, without any captchas, puzzles or math problems.

Downloading and Installing the plugin

You can download the plugin by logging with your purchase user, then head to Downloads > Paid Downloads > RSForm!Pro > Modules & Plugins > "CleanTalk Plugin for Joomla! 3.x".


In the backend of your Joomla! installation go to Extensions > Manage > Install, and upload and install the plugin. Next thing would be to check if the plugin is published, and to do so, navigate to Extensions > Plugins, search for the "System - RSForm! Pro - CleanTalk" plugin and ensure it is published.


Using the plugin

After the plugin has been enabled, an Access Key needs to be added within Components > RSForm!Pro > Configuration > CleanTalk area. This will require a CleanTalk.org account which you can configure here.


You can then enable the RSForm! Pro - CleanTalk integration for your form by navigating to Form Properties > CleanTalk Integration and setting the 'Enabled' option to 'Yes.'

Map Fields

In order for the integration to check the submitted data you will need to map the fields you want to verify. You have three fields available for mapping in the integration tab:

  • Email - map the user's email;
  • Nickname / Username - map the user's name;
  • Message - - map the message field.

Note: Information regarding your website attacks will be available within your CleanTalk.org account.

For more information on how CleanTalk.org is fighting spam, please check the following links:

22 Nov 2023
Version 3.0.3
  • Updated - CleanTalk PHP Library updated to v3.1
  • Updated - Backported our own fixes related to HTTP/1.1 and PHP 8.2 to the CleanTalk PHP Library
28 Jun 2022
Version 3.0.2
  • Updated - PHP 8.1 compatibility improvements.
12 Jul 2021
Version 3.0.1
  • Updated - Validation message of the email field will be changed to show the CleanTalk response when using AJAX validation.
  • Updated - When spam filters disallow a submission, only fields mapped to CleanTalk will be set as invalid.
09 Jun 2021
Version 3.0.0
  • Updated - Joomla! 4.0 and RSForm! Pro 3.0 compatibility.
5 May 2020
Initial Release

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