Plugin - Content (Display the form in an article)

The RSForm!Pro Content Plugin allows you to publish a form inside a content item. To publish a form inside a content item, you need to install the plugin first.

  1. Get the plugin. You can get the plugin by loggin with your purchase user, then head to Downloads > My Downloads > RSForm!Pro - view all plugins and modules > RSForm!Pro Files > Plugins > "Content Plugin for Joomla! 3.x".
  2. In the backend of your Joomla! installation go to the Extensions > Manage > Install page, and install the plugin.
  3. Next thing is to publish the plugin, to do this go to Extensions > Plugins, search for the "Content - RSForm! Pro" plugin and publish it.
  4. Open a Joomla! article you want from the Content > Article Manager, and type {rsform 1} for example.

    You can also pre-fill your fields from the syntax and your form will load with the specified values, for eg (whereas fieldName is the exact name of your field, case sensitive and fieldValue, the desired value you want to pre-fill your field):

    {rsform 1 fieldName="fieldValue" textbox="textboxValue" radioGroup="someValue" checkbox="cat" checkbox="dog"}

    Note: when pre-filling, depending on the field you need to take into consideration:

    • textboxes, textareas - simply add the desired value
    • radio, dropdown - the value you add has to actually exist in your field
    • checkboxes or multiple dropdowns - besides using existing values, when selecting multiple values, you'll have to separately specify their values one at a time as in the above screenshot

  5. You can find the number of your form by going to the Components > RSform!Pro > Forms Manager screen and looking at the last column, named Form ID
  6. In the front-end area of your site, the form will be added in the article.



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