Creating a multi-language form with RSForm! Pro

With RSForm! Pro you can have a single form for all of your language packs installed in the front-end. When editing a form you will notice a language selector, as displayed in this image:


Using this method you will basically be able to translate all the necessary information. All translatable items have been marked with the symbol.

The following field properties can be translated:

  • Caption
  • Validation message
  • Default value
  • Description
  • Items
  • Labels
  • Placeholders

In terms of form properties and options, the following items can be translated:

Form information:
  • Form Title
  • Thank You message
  • Error Message
  • Return URL

Meta Tags
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Keywords

User Email, Admin Email and Additional Emails:
  • From Name
  • Reply To Name
  • Subject
  • Message Body

The form metadata is also configurable for each language. As a side note to the multi-language functionality, the form submissions can be filtered by the submitted language tag. This filtering option is also available in the RSForm! Pro - View Submissions menu item and mod_rsform_list module.


Watch the video tutorial

  • If a field hasn't been translated, the original value will be displayed.
  • In a multi-language form, the Conditional Fields feature is configured separately for each language. The reason behind this is that values can be translated - a condition that triggers when a specific value is selected will not work if the value has been translated in another language.

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